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    SGV WSC LogoThe San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City Challenge is a new conservation-based grant program offered by Upper District. The primary goal of the Challenge is to engage all cities within Upper District’s service area to lead by example when it comes to water conservation, and make conservation a way of life. The Challenge encourages cities to bring awareness of the drought to their residents; outreach and engage residents to reduce their water consumption by 20%; promote water rebates for businesses and residents alike through www.socalwatersmart.com; and adopt city policies that will contribute to the overall sustainability of the San Gabriel River watershed.

    Upper District will award a total of three $50,000 sustainable watershed grants (one per city) to the first three cities that complete the Challenge requirements that define a “Water Smart City.” The Challenge was announced to all cities served by Upper District beginning in June 2014 and will conclude on April 30, 2015.


    To qualify as a San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City, a city must complete 8 out of the 12 challenge requirements. One of the eight requirements must include fulfilling challenge requirement #12. Details are listed below.

    Challenge requirements met by the city prior to the Governor’s emergency drought declaration (January 17, 2014) will not count towards achieving the city’s 8 of 12 challenge requirements. Each city must verify completed requirements by submitting the challenge verification form (attached) with supporting documentation to Upper District by no later than 5:00pm on April 30, 2015.  Verifying documentation may be submitted in the form of hard copies, photo/audio/video files, website hyperlinks, or signed agreements. Photo/audio/video files can be submitted on a flash drive.

    Complete Explanation of Requirements
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    Adopt a low impact development (LID) storm water ordinance.

    Please reference sample ordinance (Attachment A below) and the Low Impact Development Fact Sheet (Attachment B below) for further details on fulfilling this requirement.

    Attachment A: City of LA LID Stormwater Ordinance
    Download file
    Attachment B: CA Coastal Comm. LID Stormwater Factsheet
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    Adopt a model water conservation ordinance

    Please reference Water Use Efficiency Ordinance Guidelines (Attachment C below) for further details on fulfilling this requirement.

    Attachment C: WUE Ordinance Guide
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    Host Socalwatersmart.com and Saveourwater.org on city website throughout the duration of Governor Jerry Brown’s drought declaration.


    Host a water efficient landscape class in conjunction with Upper District for residents.

    Please reference below host agency’s responsibility guidelines (Attachment D), sample landscaping class flyer (Attachment E), class RSVP sheet (Attachment F), and class sign-in sheet (Attachment G).

    Attachment D: Agency Responsibilities for Gardening Class
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    Attachment E: Landscape Class Poster
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    Attachment R: RSVP Sheet for Sustainable Gardening Class
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    Attachment G: Sustainable Gardening Class Registration Signin Master
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    To fulfill this requirement, a city must contact Upper District to schedule a class two months in advance of the date. For full program details or to schedule a class, please contact: Elena Layugan, Upper District Conservation Coordinator, at (626) 443-2297 or elena@usgvmwd.org.


    Implement a city-wide messaging campaign promoting water conservation and water rebates to your residents.


    Host a high efficiency toilet (HET) giveaway with a participating city water provider and Upper District.


    Conduct a large landscape water audit at a city facility that would contribute to the city’s overall water use reduction.

    Please reference Large Landscape Survey and Retrofit Program Overview (Attachment H) below.

    Attachment H: Large Landscape Program 7-2-13 Purveyor Description
    Download file

    Please email Patty Cortez at patty@usgvmwd.org if interested in scheduling a large landscape audit. 


    Two city council members and one city staff member attend one of the following events: Water 101, Where Solutions Flow tour, Water Education Foundation tours and/or 2014 San Gabriel Valley Water Forum.

    To request to attend a WEF tour please contact Patty Cortez at patty@usgvmwd.org. 


    Create a 30 second PSAs featuring residents, local business owners, or city elected officials highlighting conservation best practices.


    Adopt a water budget rate structure.

    Please reference the Water Budgets 101 fact sheet (Attachment I) for additional information on water budget rate structuring.

    Attachment I: Water Budgets
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    For more information on water budget-based rates please contact Patty Cortez at patty@usgvmwd.org.


    Implement technology to help water users better understand their water use and how they can more efficiently use water.

    Please reference the Xconomy.com article (Attachment J) below to learn more about the h2o Score program.

    Attachment J: Article—h2o Score Software
    Download file


    Obtain the highest rebate dollars per capita by city residents and businesses through www.socalwatersmart.com.

    This requirement MUST be completed as one of the 8 requirements by a participating city.

    Please reference the Socalwatersmart slide presentation (Attachment K) below to learn more about residential and commercial rebate programs currently being offered.

    Attachment K: Socal Water Smart Conservation Programs
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    Program Timeline

    The San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City Challenge officially began in June 2014. Interested cities must submit a notice of intent to participate via email to Patty Cortez (patty@usgvmwd.org) by July 15, 2014.

    Documentation verifying completed challenge requirements must be submitted to the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District by close of business on April 30, 2015.

    Application Rules

    The first three cities to complete 8 of the 12 requirements and are verified by Upper District will receive written notification advising them of their qualifying status as a San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City.

    If three cities successfully complete and qualify as a San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City, prior to the April 30, 2015 deadline, Upper District will promptly notify all participating cities of the conclusion of the challenge and provide winning results.

    For questions on rules or program, please contact Shane Chapman, General Manager at shane@usgvmwd.org or Patty Cortez, Director of Government and Community Affairs at patty@usgvmwd.org.

    Grant Summary

    The first three cities to be verified as a San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City will receive a $50,000 grant from Upper District toward a sustainable watershed project in their city. The grants may be applied toward a water conservation project(s), storm water capture project or recycled water project.

    The three winning cities will also receive a commemorative San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City seal and be recognized at an official community event in July of 2015.


    Please complete these forms to declare your city’s intent to participate and to officially apply in the San Gabriel Valley Water Smart City Challenge. Completed and signed forms may be scanned and emailed to patty@usgvmwd.org.


    Intent to Participate Form (Word Doc)
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    Final Application Form (Word Doc)
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