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On May 31, 2018, Governor Brown signed two bills which build on the ongoing efforts to “make water conservation a California way of life.” SB 606 (Hertzberg) and AB 1668 (Friedman) reflect the dedicated work of many water suppliers, environmental organizations, and members
of the Legislature.

SB 606 and AB 1668 emphasize efficiency and stretching existing water supplies in our cities and on farms. Efficient water use is the most cost-effective way to achieve long term conservation goals, as well provide the water supply reliability needed to adapt to the longer and more intense droughts climate change is causing in California.

Sacramento Bee Article: “Myth about huge California fines for shower and laundry usage won’t die. Here’s what’s true” 

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November 2019: Where Does Our Local Water Supply Come From?

January 2020: Moments in History 

“Why A Municipal Water District Should be Formed for the Upper San Gabriel Valley” – White paper published and distributed by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Water Association urging voters to sign the petition to create a municipal water district. August 1958


Petition circulated to place a measure on the ballot for the December 8, 1959 special election in the San Gabriel Valley. This measure asked voters if they favored the creation of a municipal water district. 1959 


Newspaper articles published urging voters to vote in favor of creating Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District for imported water. December 4, 1959


Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors certified the results of the December 8, 1959 election and ordered the formation of the municipal water district. With overwhelming support, 83% of the voters were in favor of creating the district. Certification from the Secretary of State incorporating the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Signed and certificated by California Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan. January 7, 1960


Minutes of the first and subsequent Board of Directors meetings in 1960.


The official Oath of Office documents from five board of directors. They were sworn in as representatives of Upper District. The first five directors of Upper District sworn into office are J. Ercel Cleminson, Howard Hawkins, William Foerster, Robert Radford and Frank Vachon. January 11, 1960


Directors prepare for a Board of Directors meeting. From top left, Board Members Howard Hawkins, Travis “Tag” Manning, from bottom left, Alfred Jorgensen, Burton Jones and Conrad Reibold. 1970s


To preserve its history, Upper District invited key people involved in the early days of the District to record their memories on videotape. Gathering for the taping session were, from left, Robert Nicholson Jr., Ralph B. Helm, Jane Bray, Travis “Tag” Manning, Thomas Stetson and Howard Hawkins. 1997 


Groundbreaking of the Whittier Narrows Recycled Water Pump Station. First recycled water project of Upper District in partnership with Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. From left, Robert Nicholson from San Gabriel Valley Water Company, Former Director Ken Manning, Former Supervisor Gloria Molina, Former Director Frank Forbes, Director Anthony Fellow, Commissioner Jayne Harkins from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Director Al Contreras. 2005 


Ribbon cutting of the Whittier Narrows Recycled Water Pump Station, the first recycled water project of Upper District. The Upper District Board of Directors and its partners dedicated the project to Former Board Member Travis “Tag” Manning. October 2006


Dedication plaque to Former Director Travis “Tag” Manning. Whittier Narrows Recycled Water Pump Station, October 2006


Ribbon cutting ceremony of the Rio Hondo College and Mill Elementary School Water Recycling Project. From left, Director Anthony Fellow, Congresswoman Grace Napolitano and Former Director Ken Manning. May 29, 2003 

MONROVIA, CA – The Board of Directors of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (Upper District) awarded 19 education grants totaling $13,413 to K-12th grade classrooms as part of the 2019/20 Water Education Grant Program (WEGP).

Through this program, Upper District provides funding of up to $1,000 for water related projects. To qualify for a grant, any licensed school within Upper District’s service area can submit an application for consideration. Projects must focus on subjects that further students’ understanding of water stewardship, water use-efficiency and groundwater sustainability in a unique and meaningful way.

Since inception of this grant program, over 45 schools have been awarded grants and have successfully implemented innovative and creative projects into the science curriculum through hands-on activities. In total, the program has provided 150 grants equaling $130,000 in funding. Among the programs funded are the effectiveness of water filters and water quality studies in their local community.