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Additional Programs

Native Vegetation Program

native plantsSeveral times a year, volunteers of all ages are invited to take part in collecting seeds and/or re-planting germinated seeds and saplings in local watershed areas. The collection, germination and planting of such native vegetation helps to stabilize slopes and overlying soil for erosion control and mitigation of siltation. Such planting also allows a larger amount of precipitation to percolate into the ground and aids in the restoration of the natural habitat.

Since its inception, over 65,000 trees have been planted through this program.

Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signs have been developed that discuss the function and importance of our local watershed as well as the historical background of the local dams and the San Gabriel River. Two signs can be found at rest stops along Highway 39 and a third sign is located at a rest stop along the East Fork Road, just a short distance off of Highway 39.

Restoration Nursery


The watershed restoration nursery includes a green house and potting shed that have been established at the Mt. Baldy Visitors Center.

This nursery enables seeds to be stored and native vegetation to be germinated in an environment protected from the elements of weather, plant diseases and local animals that forage on such vegetation. Such protection means a greater amount of plants and seeds readily available for re-planting areas devastated by fires and other disasters.