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    Water Use Efficiency Plan

    gravel-pathUpper District considers water conservation a strategic imperative warranting a “Conservation Strategic Plan” or better known as a “Water Use Efficiency Master Plan”.  Conserved water is viewed as the least expensive source of water because every drop that is conserved remains in the groundwater basin for use at a later time.  Yet, not all water conservation methods work the same way everywhere and for everyone, especially as common methods such as low-flow toilet and shower head retrofits reach saturation levels across the customer population.

    For example, under certain conditions, re-landscaping to encourage the earth to soak up rain which accumulates in our aquifers is cost-effective when large acreage is involved.  For typical homeowners it may make more sense to install rain barrels to capture water from roof gutters.  Arriving at the right  balance between voluntary measures,  incentives, education programs and helping cities with special water conserving ordinances are key to making the most of water conservation.

     Water Use Efficiency Master Plan Cover Sheet

    San Gabriel Valley Water Wise: Water Sustainability – The Aquifer Dynamics Video

    Wendy La, Staff Engineer, Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster