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San Gabriel Valley getting graded on local ground water basin usage


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Nearly 1.8 million San Gabriel Valley water users are being put to the test.

In an effort to shine a light on the effects of the drought, the San Gabriel Valley Water Association is tallying the amount of water drawn from wells in local ground water basins every week, then handing out grades. If the region used less water that week as compared to one year ago, it receives a “passing” grade. More water use yields an “alert,” according to the Association.

So far, results have been up and down.

During the first three weeks of the 10-week campaign, the San Gabriel Valley received two passing grades and one alert. On Oct. 10, the region used 730 million gallons less than the same week a year before and earned a passing grade. Week Two produced the mirror opposite: the Valley used 780 million gallons more than the same week in 2013. On Friday, the end of Week Three, the Valley returned to conservation mode by using 208 million gallons less than the same week in 2013, the Association announced.

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