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Solar Cup

Solar Cup is a youth program hosted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that provides high school teams an opportunity to build and prepare a solar powered boat over a seven-month timeline and compete in a three- day sprint and endurance competition. The event is the culmination of several months of planning and building that offers student participants an opportunity to learn about natural resources, the development/use of alternative fuel sources, the protection of water quality, as well as program management skills. Upper District sponsors local high school teams to participate in the program.

Solar Cup 2022
Metropolitan’s Solar Cup is a STEAM-focused program in which high school students work in teams to learn engineering, physics, math, technical writing, and career-building skills. Solar Cup 2022 will once again be online, offering students a menu of activities that cover a wide range of STEAM fields. Activities include building a water-saving device combined with robotics; creating a zero-emission vehicle; utilizing CAD software; learning basics of electronics and circuits; creating a water conservation campaign; and sharpening skills that can help students explore educational and training opportunities to bring them closer to their dream jobs.

Teams will virtually race the solar vehicle kits they built at the end of the Solar Cup 2022 program.

Upper District 2022 Teams
Upper District is proud to sponsor the following high school team:

  • Los Altos High School

Benefits of the Program
Solar Cup provides students with:

  • Hands-on opportunity to work with alternative energy sources.
  • Opportunity to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in working as a team.
  • Awareness of potential technology that can be developed to help conserve water and energy.
  • Awareness of the diversity of engineering and design careers related to the water industry and better understanding of the need for responsible use of natural resources.

Program Contact
Jennifer Aguilar, Water Use Efficiency Analyst
(626) 443-2297