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Urban Water Management Plan

Upper District’s Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) was prepared in accordance with the California Urban Water Management Planning Act (Act) that became effective in 1985. This Act requires every “urban water supplier” to prepare and adopt a UWMP and to review it at least once every five years and make any amendments and changes which are required by the review. The Act is primarily aimed at retailer water providers where programs can be immediately implemented by consumers. Wholesale water districts, like Upper District, have the option of adopting an individual UWMP or participating in an area-wide, regional or basin-wide plans.

Water Use Efficiency Plan

Upper District considers water conservation an imperative in its operations and water portfolio. For this reason, the Conservation Strategic Plan or better known as the  Water Use Efficiency Plan (WUEP) was created and adopted by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the plan is to create a strategy and blueprint to help Upper District meet water demand, reliability and efficiency while delivering customized tools required to track performance and compliance with water reductions goals and requirements. In order to reach this goal, Upper District continued to be an active participant in Metropolitan’s Regional Programs, offered a high efficiency toilet distribution program, implemented landscape programs, and offered a rebate program.

Integrated Resources Plan

Upper District has prepared an Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) to address many of the water supply issues in the San Gabriel Valley. The IRP is a long‐term road map that provides Upper District with a framework for making sound decisions. The IRP is not intended to be a static report, but instead, a “living” document that will be updated as future conditions unfold and become clearer.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed under the guidance of the Board of Directors and senior management representing all Upper District’s functions. The Board of Directors adopted this five-year strategic plan on March 6, 2019. Specific strategies and objectives are outlined to fulfill the commitments of Upper District’s four goals that embody its core values.

Goal 1: Water Reliability
Goal 2: Financial Integrity
Goal 3: Workforce and Governance
Goal 4: Community Representation and Engagement