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Water Quality

Water Quality

Water quality is an important public health and water supply issue in the San Gabriel Valley. Not only does water pollution and contamination threaten water supplies, but remediation and clean-up are costly matters for Southern California and the San Gabriel Basin.

Industrial pollution impacted many wells making it necessary to establish the San Gabriel Valley Water Quality Authority. Upper District is also a member of the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority which was established by the State Legislature under SB 1679 on February 11, 1993 to develop, finance and implement groundwater treatment programs in the San Gabriel Basin. Upper District was charged creating water conservation and watershed stewardship programs.

The seriousness of the groundwater contamination problem became evident when high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were discovered in Azusa in 1979 near a major industrial complex. Over the next four years, further investigation revealed widespread VOC contamination significantly impacting the San Gabriel Basin.

Since the formation of the WQA, over 30 groundwater treatment facilities have been constructed that operate full-time to remove contaminants from the groundwater supply and to ensure that the highest quality of water is available within the San Gabriel Valley. Over 100,000 pounds of contaminants have been removed so far. The total cost to construct and operate these facilities is estimated to be $1.2 billion.

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Local water agencies in the San Gabriel Valley ensure that your water supply meets and exceeds federal drinking water standards. Learn more about the process!

To learn more about the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority’s role and operations click below.

Per-and Polyflournalky Substances (PFAS) and Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Consistent with our mission to meet the region’s needs for reliable, high quality, and affordable water, Upper District continues to work with other water agencies to ensure that the San Gabriel Valley has a safe water supply. In light of the growing concern over the presence of emerging contaminants known as PFAS, below are fact sheets, briefing materials and visuals that may be helpful when answering questions about these chemicals. Click on the links below.

Quality - PFAS