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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed under the guidance of the Board of Directors and senior management representing all Upper District’s functions. The Board of Directors adopted this five-year strategic plan on March 6, 2019. Specific strategies and objectives are outlined to fulfill the commitments of Upper District’s four goals that embody its core values.

Goal 1: Water Reliability
Upper District will provide reliable water services that meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Goal 2: Financial Integrity
Upper District will effectively and efficiently manage the financial resources entrusted to it.

Goal 3: Workforce and Governance
Upper District will maintain a trained and motivates workforce, an informed and engaged Board of Directors, and effective business processes to achieve its goals.

Goal 4: Community Representation and Engagement
Upper District will provide responsive local governance, value, legislative engagement, and outreach to the Producers and the communities we serve.