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Teacher/Parent Tool Kit

What is in the Teacher Tool Kit?

There are a number of water education resources and tools that are available to help teach your students about the importance of using water more efficiently both indoors and outdoors and make conservation a way of life! Teaching about the water cycle, water sources, and water distribution systems helps students develop their own understanding of why water is a critical resource in every region throughout California, and the importance of conservation. Each region stores and collects water differently. In the San Gabriel Valley, specifically, the Main San Gabriel Groundwater Basin supplies billions of gallons of drinking water every year. Therefore, the health of our watershed is vital to the San Gabriel Valley. To get a 360 view of California’s water supply, Upper District has provided flyers and links from experts in the field of water! For more information or to request free materials for your students, contact Jennifer Aguilar via email jennifer@usgvmwd.org or by phone (626) 443-2297.

Educational Videos

Did you know that we live in a watershed?

Nature’s Water Cycle: Where does your water supply come from?

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