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Water Engineering 4 Good

Students who participate in Water Engineering 4 Good (WE4G) will learn valuable STEAM, critical thinking, and presentation skills, as well as gain an early exposure to possible water industry careers.

Water Engineering 4 Good 2023
Water Engineering 4 Good (WE4G) is an online STEAM competition for middle school through high school students. The idea is that teams will learn from water industry professionals about the current drought and come up with a possible engineering solution, that could be used to conserve water inside or outside the home, in industry, in agriculture, or in treatment and distribution. The teams will then build both a small- scale physical model out of recycled/upcycled materials and an animated CAD model of their engineering solution. The teams will also create a video journal, social media posts, to document their progress and to use later as part of a multimedia presentation of their engineering solution that will be presented to a panel of water industry experts and judged.

Program Details
•  The program will kick off in December 2022 and will conclude in March 2023.
•  Teams will earn points for the deliverables they complete and submit by the various deadlines.
•  A WE4G Engineering Workbook, which is divided into five sections: Define the Problem Through Research, Plan the Project, Build Your Solution, Launch a Social Media Campaign, and Present Your Solution, will guide you and your team through the program.
•  Weekly virtual office hours will also be available.

Upper District 2023 Teams
Upper District is proud to support the following schools:

  • Garvey Intermediate School, Rosemead
  • Hollencrest Middle School, West Covina
  • Walnut Grove Intermediate School, West Covina

Benefits of the Program
WE4G provides students with:

  • Hands-on opportunity to work with alternative energy sources.
  • Opportunity to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in working as a team.
  • Presentation and social media/marketing skills.
  • Awareness of potential technology that can be developed to help conserve water and energy.
  • Awareness of the diversity of engineering and design careers related to the water industry and better understanding of the need for responsible use of natural resources.

Program Contact
Jennifer Aguilar, Water Use Efficiency Analyst
(626) 443-2297

Mark Moss, WE4G Coordinator