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Director’s Corner with Director Anthony Fellow


Southern California just experienced the three driest months in the state’s history. April will likely become month four.

Add to the lack of rainfall, a drastic cut in the State Water Project allocation worsens the situation. The allocation was cut from 15% to 5%, putting the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) in more difficult circumstances than most of Southern California. To put into perspective, 80% of local water supply in the SGV is supplied from groundwater, while the additional 20% is supplemented from the State Water Project. This supplemental water is critical to the continued sustainability of the local groundwater basin and ultimately the reliability of our water supply. Without reliable alternative water sources, Upper District encourages continued conservation to ensure that water continues flowing through homes.

Some cities have already set limits on daily water usage and will begin leveling fines if households go over the limits.

Despite the gloomy situation, residents within Upper District’s service area deserve praise. Since the last drought, they have cut water usage by 25%, and over 95% of water is captured when it does rain.

The public has done a tremendous job in conserving over the last few years; however, as the drought intensifies people will soon be asked to conserve more. Making those collective efforts now will extend the limited water supplies. Upper District has created the first of its kind direct install program called Water Smart Home to encourage water conservation. Residents are offered a variety of water-use efficiency devices to be directly installed in their homes free of charge. Additionally, rebates for devices are available at bewaterwise.com and landscape classes are offered to teach residents how to make every drop count.

The Board of Directors will continue to provide the resources and programs necessary to help residents achieve greater water savings.