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Upper District's Drought Response

Residents of the San Gabriel Valley are being asked to conserve 20% of their household water use and limit outdoor watering to two days a week under an unprecedented action taken by the Board of Directors for the Upper District on May 11, 2022. Read the full press release and board resolution below. 

Governor's Executive Order

Governor Gavin Newsom signs an Executive Order on March 29, 2022 in response to the historic drought conditions. The actions call for an increase in water conservation, as well as emergency regulations related to water shortage contingency plans, non-functional turf, transfers and groundwater recharge programs.

MWD Emergency Water Conservation

One-third of Southern Californians face new restrictions limiting outdoor watering to one day a week under an unprecedented action taken by the Metropolitan Water District to dramatically reduce water use in communities most affected by the state’s historic drought. Read Metropolitan’s full press release here.

Water Use Regulations

In response to California’s drought, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted emergency regulations to prevent wasteful water uses and promote urban water conservation. The emergency regulation took effect January 18, 2022 and the prohibitions will be in place for one year unless extended, modified or removed.

Drought Preparedness

We are no stranger to droughts or dry winters. We’ve been here before and we know how to save water to ensure a reliable water supply. Upper District’s goal is to drought-proof the Main San Gabriel Basin by supporting and taking several actions to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Click the buttons below for a drought fact sheets and additional drought webpages. 

Conservation Videos

Social Media Kit for Producers

Upper District encourages continued conservation efforts to preserve our natural resource for this current drought and future dry years. A social media tool kit has been created for local cities and water retailers. 

Water Saving Resources

Reducing your water usage by 20% may seem daunting, but remember we have been down this road before and we got this! To find water saving tips and rebates, click the buttons below.

Children's Corner

There are a number of water education resources and tools that are available to help teach your kids about the importance of using water more efficiently and drawing the connection between conservation and water supply. Click the button to download activities for your kids.