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60th Anniversary

Upper District Celebrates 60 Years
Upper District is celebrating six decades of innovation, conservation, and good water management. The District was formed by the voters on December 8, 1959 to help sustain adequate imported water supplies for the rapidly growing San Gabriel Valley. It has played a vital role in supplementing local water supplies by importing water from the State Water Project to replenish the Main San Gabriel Basin. Today, Upper District has taken a leadership role in educating the public on their local water supply and the benefits of water efficiency practices.

Upper District’s 60th Anniversary Event 
Upper District’s Board of Directors was proud to host a virtual event to highlight and celebrate the district’s important milestones and accomplishments over the past 60 years. Click the button below to view the celebratory event and 60th memorabilia. 

60th Anniversary Presentations 
Over the course of the next three months Upper District will include a special presentation at the second Board meeting of every month dedicated to the history of the district. Staff is also working on a virtual event in the Fall to culminate the end of Upper District’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.

News Splash Newsletters 

Every month, a 60th Anniversary newsletter is shared with the public. Each edition includes Upper District water related news, conservation resources,  classes, and events. Subscribe here to receive the latest district news.

60 Years of H2O Campaign
To celebrate the number of achievements and water savings from its regional programs, Upper District has organized a six-week campaign for its 60 years of leadership. Each week, a significant education or conservation program will be rolled out…stay tuned on social media and click the button below for this week’s program.

Interested in winning new conservation devices for your home, kids activity books, or gardening kits? Missing out on Upper District swag? Upper District is rolling out Conserve-a-Palooza!  Click the button below for details and more surprise giveaway announcements!

Blast into Upper District’s Past 
Historical photos over the past 60 years.